The non-truffle Žigante

by  |  01-11-2010

This is an article from our archives that was previously run on another site in August, 2007. When visiting Istria, the most common encounter with the name “Žigante” is in the form of truffles. This is one of the brothers, Gian-Carlo, who has invested himself heavily in truffle production. Then, there are the other brothers, Duvilio and Denis, who have invested themselves in to the wine making craft and as we found out they’re making some very good examples of wines from the region. The truffle thing is a relatively new product for the Žigantes, seeing as how their family has been making wine for about 300 years. In 1997, the business came to fruition and they started producing a greater volume of wine up on the top of hill near the village of Kostanija. They produce from 14 hectares that are solely owned by the family and also from […]
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