Pure Plavac Mali

by  |  01-01-2018

When I wrote about the passing of Zlatan Plenković last year, I made mention that his wines and in reality, a wine of Plavac Mali were largely responsible for moving me into a broader appreciation of this lovely liquid overall. I came back from Croatia in 2004, electrified to the idea of drinking Plavac Mali. Then, after finding it in the US and having a few bottles of different vintages, I wasn’t as amazed. Then upon returning to Croatia for the book research and tasting throughout 2007, I fell back in love. This back and forth saga continues to this day as this grape, the progeny of Tribidrag and Dobričić (not the other way round…) is a tricky grape. It’s always wanting to show itself a bit scarce in acidity, which can lead to wines that are less “fresh” in profile. Climate Change and often being planted directly-facing the sea […]
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