The winding path to Frane Matulić’s Tavern Crkveno

by  |  20-12-2011

Tavern Crkveno is located in Dol, which is one of the loveliest villages on the whole island of Brač. It is a bit remote, feeling nearly dropped in to a small valley in the interior of the island which is the progenitor of its name, ‘dol’ meaning ‘valley’ in Croatian. While a decent-sized placed 60 years ago, it’s just 1/8th the size it used to be with just 112 residents. The winemaker of Tavern Crkveno is Frane Matulić who had a long history of working for the Badel 1862 corporation in Zagreb, who are a wine and spirits conglomerate in Croatia. He returned back to his home village to make wine and he’s been doing it for the last 11 years all-the-while slowly accumulating the many pieces of equipment needed to produce wine on a large scale. He makes a Plavac Mali in both standard and barrique versions, a Pošip, […]
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