Neither “whole” nor “food”, Don Simón in a healthy place?

by  |  23-09-2017

Whole Foods Market has been in the news a great deal recently as it was purchased by Amazon. More market-driven minds than mine have picked apart this deal to no end, so there’s little reason... more »

Tastings & Talks happening

by  |  25-08-2017

If there’s one thing I’m not the best at, it’s shameless self promotion, which in some ways I feel is a positive as opposed to a negative. Still, the old adage of a tree falling... more »
Looking up California Street to Nob Hill with fog, naturally

The “San Francisco” cocktail

by  |  17-03-2016

This article was one I was kicking around for some time as it formed a perfect, San Francisco-Barcelona bridge albeit a cocktail-centric one. I ended up running it at my friend’s cocktail blog in Spanish,... more »

Defining “wine bar”

by  |  31-03-2015

What seems like a century ago but was really just in 2008, I wrote a smacky little article on my personal website about my frustration with wine bars in San Francisco. Despite not being the... more »

Biondivino brings on the bruschetta

by  |  24-09-2014

Assuming that it is an actual word, we have great enamorosity of Ceri Smith and her shop, Biondivino in San Francisco. We’re addicted to her tastings as well as her recommendations and knowledge of Italian... more »

Wines, bites, and et al

by  |  07-01-2013

Sadly, a little while after publication of this article, this wonderful space closed… Sometime back, we mentioned that our good friend Ceri Smith, the owner of the lovely Italian wine shop in San Francisco, Biondivino... more »

Euro-focus wine bar to open on Polk Street in San Francisco

by  |  10-01-2012

Clothing boutique, Eco Citizen closed in August of last year. Naturally, given the amount of foot traffic Polk Street sees, this space at 2255 Polk didn’t remain vacant for long. The plan for it is... more »

To turn tea in to wine

by  |  05-12-2011

We came across this curious recipe in an old book from the 1950’s simply called, “How to make Wine”. It was sitting in the book shelf of 2 Sisters Bar & Books, which we covered... more »

Biondivino Vinicola Benanti tasting

by  |  11-11-2011

It’s one of those rare gems in the wine world when you’re afforded the chance to do a true vertical tastings. Sure, you can get a glimpse of this when you visit a winery and... more »

Giovanni Rosso tasting with the winemaker

by  |  28-10-2011

It’s pretty much a guarantee that whatever winery Biondivino chooses to host for a tasting, the offer will be great. And such was the case with David Rosso of Giovanni Ross pouring a few bottles... more »