Tastings & Talks happening

by  |  25-08-2017

If there’s one thing I’m not the best at, it’s shameless self promotion, which in some ways I feel is a positive as opposed to a negative. Still, the old adage of a tree falling in the woods and no one hearing it is a problem so you have to mention things from time to time. And so, with landing in San Francisco today, I’d like to make a brief mention of a few events that I’ll be doing over the next week about Cava & Georgian wine. Who would have thought those would ever be in the same sentence? San Francisco, Tuesday, August 29 2PM-5PM: Cava de Paratge Masterclass & Tasting Not familiar with these new “Cru” Cavas? Not many are which is why I have a lengthy article in the next issue of World of Fine Wine explaining them and I’ll be giving a (hopefully) short talk about […]
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