Tastings & Talks happening

If there’s one thing I’m not the best at, it’s shameless self promotion, which in some ways I feel is a positive as opposed to a negative. Still, the old adage of a tree falling in the woods and no one hearing it is a problem so you have to mention things from time to time.

And so, with landing in San Francisco today, I’d like to make a brief mention of a few events that I’ll be doing over the next week about Cava & Georgian wine. Who would have thought those would ever be in the same sentence?

San Francisco, Tuesday, August 29 2PM-5PM: Cava de Paratge Masterclass & Tasting

Not familiar with these new “Cru” Cavas? Not many are which is why I have a lengthy article in the next issue of World of Fine Wine explaining them and I’ll be giving a (hopefully) short talk about this certification that just got approved in July. Following that will be a tasting of the wines and an explanation as to what each cellar is doing. While attendance is free, due to limited space as well as bottles of Cava (these are all top-shelf bubbly), we have to limit it to trade professionals only (ie journalists and sommeliers.) If you fall under this umbrella, then please reserve with The Barrel Room which is a great wine bar in the Financial District and the owners of which are good friends I’ve known for many years.

Oakland, Thursday, August 31 5:30PM-8:30PM: Georgian book chat & signing

A casual event where I’ll be along with the folks from Blue Danube Wine who are importing Georgian wines. Anyone who wants to stop by, have a chat, taste some wines that they’ll have on offer, and buy the brand new Georgia book to have me to sign, please do. This will be at The Punchdown who have gotten to be quite well known as not only a wine destination in downtown Oakland but also big promoters of Georgian wines.

Santa Cruz, Saturday, September 2 2PM-4PM: Georgian book chat & signing

For those who live down in Santa Cruz and want in on the book chat and sign session, I’ll be down there for the afternoon that Saturday where you can enjoy some of the wines and where I’d be happy to meet up with anyone who feels like swinging by on Labor Day Weekend to get a bit of Georgia in their lives. This will be held at Soif who, much like Punchdown have been big supporters of Georgian wines for some time. More

Hope any and all who are around can make it out as writing can be a lonely venture that’s only made fun by meeting those who are reading what you’ve put to text. If you’re unable to make it to these events but have been a silent reader and would like to meet up otherwise, please drop a line.