The Fòrum Gastronòmic Girona

by  |  06-03-2013

In the land of awesome, all-encompassing events in Spain, the Fòrum Gastronòmic (or Fórum Gastronómico if you’re in to that whole Castilian thing) ranks up towards the top. There are tons of smaller, local events all around Spain that promote local products–the Alimentària being an insanely impressive one in Catalonia. But, Fòrum Gastronòmic is yearly and it changes towns each year. This one was in Girona, that small, lovely town about an hour north of Barcelona. Upon arrival, we were quite blown away. The sheer number of quality wines, foods, and other things related to what you imbibe were impressive. Many groups had gathered together to make their presence more known like our old friends from Empordà who had circled their wagons in one big hit of Catalonia’s most northern wine region. Needless to say, we were sidetracked there for some time as we chatted with this batch of folks […]
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