The “San Francisco” cocktail

by  |  17-03-2016

This article was one I was kicking around for some time as it formed a perfect, San Francisco-Barcelona bridge albeit a cocktail-centric one. I ended up running it at my friend’s cocktail blog in Spanish, but below, you can find the unadulterated version in English about the search for the ever-elusive “San Francisco” cocktail. It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, it was 4AM and I was in the Raval of Barcelona. The night had been long and alcohol-fueled. What had started with a bottle of wine shared between a friend and his lady crumbled away into hours of Manhattans, Boulevardiers, Sazeracs and other excuses to drink whiskey–as if one really needed an excuse to drink the only alcohol that America does truly right. From Eixample to Gòtic, back to Eixample for some reason, then up to Gràcia, and then down to Raval, we were trying to cover every decent […]
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