The new Greek reach

by  |  24-07-2012

Lately, it seems that Greek winemakers have basically said, “Germany, you may take our social services, but you shall not take our grapes!” and have set out on a heavy marketing campaign for their wines. I’ve had Greek wines in the past so I would agree with what Jon Bonné says in that to a large extent, they do rival Italian and Spanish wines. It’s not to say that one is better than the other, but the Southern European countries are all producing quite wonderful wines and if you’re ignoring one for some reason, you’re just plain nuts and no, I won’t share what I’m drinking with you. But, it doesn’t stop there and if you follow even the slightest drops of wine news out there, you’ll see that the Greeks have managed to get a good swath of English languages articles about their wines as well as quite a […]
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