From the pretty much always awesome, Yugoslavia – Virtual Museum comes mention of a 25 year-old travel documentary shot in what was then, Yugoslavia.

It’s an amusing half hour watch if for no other reason than to enjoy a blast of the 80’s and to see a lot of beach and bikinis with a dash of dining that’s “so affordable by American standards!” Of course, for anyone who has been to any former Yugoslavian countries (especially those with a coast) you’ll know that it ain’t cheap anymore.

There’s also the enjoyment that, despite the relatively ugly Betamax video transfer, you get a view of many places in the former Yugo before they were blown to hell (like Sarajevo, Mostar, & Dubrovnik) and then rebuilt in an over-clean, Disneyland Mediterranean manner (Dubrovnik) or not really rebuilt much at all (Sarajevo).

Definitely a good watch for those who like history and/or bikinis, the later of which was obviously to be expected by a TV production unit based in Los Angeles.