Sitting down to Mr. Pollo

by  |  06-09-2011

Just a few steps down from the 24th Street Bart Station and a 1980’s era McDonald’s sits Mr. Pollo. It is one of those hidden-but-known dining gems in San Francisco that you’ll hear any local raving about. It’s small and unassuming, seating 15 people at any one time. Chef/owner Manny Torres Gimenez took over the spot about a year and a half ago to keep it from closing–initially running it all by himself. You can read more about the history and current struggles, keeping in mind that the tasting dinner is now $20, instead of the $15 listed in the article. Getting a seat can be a hit and miss process as it’s gotten quite popular. Friends of ours have waited anywhere from five minutes to an hour or more. On our most recent visit, we lucked out and got the shorter of those times. If you have to wait, […]
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