Defining “wine bar”

by  |  31-03-2015

What seems like a century ago but was really just in 2008, I wrote a smacky little article on my personal website about my frustration with wine bars in San Francisco. Despite not being the most elegant of prose and some things being wholly incorrect, I stand by the break down of the wine bars at the time in the town. In the preceding seven years many things have changed. Some of these establishments are gone. Others have changed ownership and in general the “wine bar” craze that started in San Francisco around 2005 has leveled out a great deal a decade later. At the same time, the issue of what “wine bar” should actually mean remains quite muddy and frustratingly ill-used as its compatriot at arms, “sommelier”. In talking with a wine bar owner in Girona today, I asked him if he served any cocktails and he echoed what […]
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