Neither “whole” nor “food”, Don Simón in a healthy place?

by  |  23-09-2017

Whole Foods Market has been in the news a great deal recently as it was purchased by Amazon. More market-driven minds than mine have picked apart this deal to no end, so there’s little reason for me to go into it but it does give me a good wedge to bring up Whole Foods. This mecca of supposedly “better for you food” has been able to get quite silly prices for all manner of products that you can find in other stores for a great deal less. Many people used to talk about their wine section as something special but again, most everything in it can be found in other shops both on and offline for much less and more importantly, there’s nothing about their wine selection that’s particularly “healthy” as they have many big producers that are most assuredly not organic nor making wines in any kind of “holistic” […]
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