Euro-focus wine bar to open on Polk Street in San Francisco

by  |  10-01-2012

Clothing boutique, Eco Citizen closed in August of last year. Naturally, given the amount of foot traffic Polk Street sees, this space at 2255 Polk didn’t remain vacant for long. The plan for it is to become a new wine bar in the neighborhood, to be opened by none other than Ceri Smith from Biondivino just around the corner on Green Street. The new, as yet unnamed wine bar will be a completely separate business from Biondivino. For anyone who, like us, attends the tasting events there, you can see the natural progression. Ceri is a fantastic host and guide through the world of wine with an equally fantastic selection of hundreds of Italian wines. It makes sense that she would want a venue that is solely dedicated to being a bar. There will be a strong European-focus to the wine selection to be had. In addition to this she […]
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