DO Empordà first region in Spain to allow the Carinyena Blanca grape

by  |  04-03-2020

It has finally been announced in the almighty, Official Spanish State Bulletin (Boletín Oficial del Estado) that Carinyena Blanca (White Carignan) will be allowed for use in DO Empordà starting with the 2020 harvest, making... more »

Carinyena Blanca: Tasting a grape that’s finding its place in Empordà

by  |  13-08-2019

Catalunya’s Denomination of Origin Empordà has just announced an institutional plan to “realize the potential” of the grape, Carinyena Blanca (White Carignan.) Going forward this will involve making it a permitted grape as per their... more »

Empordà, wines from the wind

by  |  13-06-2017

Historically, Roussillon and Empordà were much more joined as the former comprised what used to be the northern portion of a larger Catalonia some 350 years ago. And despite now being the last bastion of... more »

The evolution of Espelt

by  |  02-10-2015

In 2007, Espelt was one of the first wineries I got to know well in the northern DO Empordà region that borders France. Wine has been made there since the Greeks but the 20th century... more »

An introduction to Empordà wines

by  |  13-06-2015

Many who come to the region of Costa Brava for holidays aren’t aware that there is a thriving wine scene waiting to be discovered that offers up no end of reasons to not buy some... more »

Wines of the Cap de Creus, Catalonia

by  |  25-05-2015

For me, Cap de Creus has always been a special place. It was one of the first parts of DO Empordà that I started exploring in 2007 and the cellars there were the first of... more »

Catalunya at Dalmacija Wine Expo 2015

by  |  16-05-2015

In returning to Dalmatia for the first time in many years, I attended the Dalmacija Wine Expo 2015 in Split and conducted a Master Class comparing three wines of Catalonia with three of Dalmatia. I... more »

Espelt Lledoner Roig 2013

by  |  21-04-2015

The only thing one can figure is that given how most grapes around the world come in a red/”black” variety and a “white” variety that those in between were deemed “grey” despite the fact that... more »

The Sweet Lent

by  |  04-02-2015

For those that fall prey to the virulently spreading American tradition of Valentine’s Day, the 14th is coming. For those more religiously minded, Lent is quickly approaching starting on the 15th. While the tie in... more »

In The Glass: Vins de Taller – Geum 2012

by  |  20-01-2015

It’s been tricky for the organic winery of Vins de Taller as while they’re an Empordà winery they’re not a DO Empordà winery. This is due mostly to sitting just outside the geographical borders of... more »