What wineries can learn from Espelt’s new website

by  |  19-01-2015

I’ve known the wines of Celler Espelt for a very long time and have talked with director, Anna Espelt on various occasions to the point where I hold a great deal of respect for her... more »

La cuesta de enero

by  |  02-01-2015

Broken, battered, spent–and that’s before we get in to the state of our wallets after the holidays. In January, we always find ourselves at the point wherein we have to dig ourselves out of what... more »

10 Sentits is back with Cat Negre 2012

by  |  11-12-2014

In Catalonia there exists a a marauding group of enologs who go anonymously as the “10 sentits” or “10 senses”. I’ve met some who know a member or two, but it seems that no one... more »

The dangers of making wine

by  |  30-09-2014

Despite Russell Crowe wandering around vineyards and the work of making wine being seen through rose tinted glasses, it’s actually damned tough and at times, very dangerous. The earthquake in Napa Valley shook things up... more »

On Catalan Independence and wine

by  |  29-09-2014

With Catalan president, Artur Mas signing the authorization for the non-binding Catalan Independence Referendum on Saturday, it’s opened up a cyclone of questions, mainly due to the fact that Spain, unlike the more enlightened United... more »

A revised taste of Finca Bell Lloc

by  |  01-09-2014

The valley of Bell-Lloc is a curious place. Located on the other side of the highway from Palamós it’s not the easiest place to find in Baix Empordà although at some point after my Empordà... more »

Going with the flow in Empordà

by  |  10-07-2014

The summer is again not playing nice as just yesterday it was pouring rain and about 20C while I wrote this article. Still, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s probably much more sunny where... more »

Of brothers Coca i Fitó

by  |  27-01-2014

When talking about the power family duo of Toni & Miquel, it’s best to quote a bit from our forthcoming DO Montsant guide: Growing up in the Catalan wine heartland of Alt Penedès, it’s amazing... more »

In The Glass: Pago Diana Téria 2007

by  |  15-01-2014

In Empordà–well not exactly Empordà as it actually crosses in to Gironès as well–there is a winery called, Pago Diana. Not part of the DO Empordà due to geographic situation as well as grape choices,... more »

DO Empordà

by  |  22-10-2013

For most people visiting Catalonia and its capital, Barcelona, wine isn’t often the first thing on their mind. Most of us head to the beach, shop, enjoy the nightlife, visit museums or meander about the... more »