A revised taste of Finca Bell Lloc

by  |  01-09-2014

The valley of Bell-Lloc is a curious place. Located on the other side of the highway from Palamós it’s not the easiest place to find in Baix Empordà although at some point after my Empordà book explorations in 2012, they added very nice signs along the road to help guide would-be visitors. And visit it you should as it’s a combination of an extremely nice 17th masia that’s been turned in to a rural hotel (you can rent rooms or the whole house) that’s attached to a historic hermitage of the same age. Several years ago the family who owns all of this planted vineyards and built a modern wine cellar to make their own wines. Now, if you’re going to have a winery in a small valley that translates to “pretty place”, then the cellar had better be something special. In having visited an ungodly amount of wine cellars […]
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