Kiridžija – Dingač 201301-08-2017

I have more than a soft spot when it comes to the wines of Vedran Kiridžija. It was exactly a decade ago that I visited him for the first time when researching the Dalmatia book... more>

Violić – Dingač 201521-04-2017

I had the chance to sample this Pelješac wine from Violić recently which was quite interesting as it tastes more of the recent movement by some makers in the generally hearty Dingač region to literally... more>

Finding Matković Plavac Mali12-03-2012

The Croatian postal system has this ‘fun’ tendency to put smaller towns in to a bigger town’s postal code. Well, actually, most of Europe does this. But, in the case of Matković who is the... more>

Vinarija Dingač, the other Dingač22-11-2011

This winery (Croatian: vinarija), is the biggest producer in the area. They are able to churn out 1.5 million liters of wine a year, which is more than all the other producers combined. Of course,... more>

To Potomje and Kiridžija15-11-2011

When you drive around for a half hour in a village with a population less than a metropolitan city block, you start to get frustrated when you can’t find one single vintner. Then, all of... more>

The Dingač15-08-2011

There’s been a flurry of activity lately in regards to Croatian wines and more specifically, the Croatian wine growing region of Dingač. This is typical for this summer holiday time of year as people head... more>

Dingač 2009 Pelješac Plavac Mali25-07-2011

Despite what is now years of promotion, Croatian wines are still a relatively unknown although more and more people are being exposed to them. Naturally, the difficulty in this is that people are unfamiliar with... more>