Finding ’14 & La Festa de la Verema

by  |  04-11-2016

Two years back, I wrote an account of the 2014 harvest which is where the photo above was from. It was nasty. What wasn’t desiccated was full of botrytis or then underripe and green. It took forever to sort out that mess in the field and friends who could usually knock out their vineyard in a day had to take two to get through it. The initial young wines from this vintage started coming on the market last year. Some were okay, others were not but it was quite clear that this was not a classic vintage. And this wasn’t just a local problem. All across Europe this vintage was one that people wanted to put behind them, like a kid who grows up to steal cars or gets in to far-right politics. Good friends had a number of wines that were reductive (that closed sulfur smell when you open […]
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