Vinisud 2014

by  |  11-03-2014

At the beginning of February a friend of mine asked me if I was going to Vinisud in Montpellier, France this year. I told him that I hadn’t honestly thought about it. After seeing that I could take a TGV/AVE train up there in two hours and get around on the tram, I thought why not? Any chance to dig in more to French wines is always a good thing to take advantage of as you can never really know enough about French wine. Despite having pored over their very extensive and well set up website prior to arriving, when I stepped through the doors and put on my press badge, my immediate thought was, “Crap, what have I gotten myself in to?” To visit an event like this is to truly see how the wine markets of the world function. Sure, you can visit a fair local to where […]
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