Chêne Bleu’s decade of rosé evolution

by  |  23-04-2016

It was exactly two years ago that I was first introduced to Chêne Bleu at the G-Night event that takes place during Alimentària–‘G’ for Grenache lest you forget it. Of all the wines that this winery produces, it was the rosé that hooked me in and earned them a proper visit later that year. Naturally it’s only fitting that during Vinisud in February, I was able to attend a vertical tasting from the last 10 years of their rosés. Why on earth would anyone want to taste more than one or two vintages rosé wines? After all, it’s a young wine that’s meant to be consumed quickly and not generally thought about too much after the fact. One reason to be excited about this is that Chêne Bleu is using screw caps for the rosé. Wha? How?!! Who would even want to drink that?!! Well, not the French as from […]
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