AOC Lirac: Wine worth crossing the river for

by  |  09-04-2016

AOC Lirac isn’t a name that rolls off most wine drinkers’ tongues when talking about the Southern Rhône Valley. Honestly, it wasn’t one that rolled off mine either given that most people talk about Châteauneuf du Pape, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, and even Côte du Rhône Village wines before they talk about Lirac. Thankfully, my mind was opened up a bit as I was lucky enough to sit in on a Masterclass at Vinisud in February and managed to taste through a nice showing of vintages from the region. While Lirac cellars can produce red, white and rosé, they focus mainly on red (80% of production) as if you want to make a rosé, then the Tavel appellation that borders Lirac is probably going to be a much better friend. By and large, the DNA of the wines is very much similar to what you find across the river in the left […]
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