Lidl & Domaine de Pignan 2008

by  |  30-05-2015

For those unfamiliar with supermarkets in Spain, there are few these days that are good and most verge on repugnant (Mercadona.) One of the ones that has historically been the mecca of all bargain dwellers was Lidl although in recent years something happened and, if you look carefully, you can actually find quite tasty items hidden in the folds of their junk food, soda, and mass-produced bread. I speak mainly of their wine section in this regard. While typically full of bottles that aren’t fit to bathe a stray cat with, every so often they pull out some random wine that is of merit. How they came in to possession of said wine should probably go without mention, but for the crafty shopper, they are there to find. And this brings us to Domaine de Pignan from Châteauneuf-du-Pape for 12€. For those who haven’t followed the general upward trend of […]
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