In the Glass: AA Badenhorst – Secateurs Red Blend 2012

by  |  21-02-2019

I try to live a life as free from regret as possible and overall, I think I do a pretty decent job of keeping my “regret debt” within decent margins. There are however two regrets that keep rubbing at me in regards to my visit to the South African wine regions in 2010. The first is that I haven’t been back since. The second is that I didn’t make it up to Swartland. To some extent this was by design as I was taking it easy due to recovering from malaria (from somewhere else that was not South Africa) and so I stayed around the Stellenbosch region. Great wines, great food, simply jaw-dropping scenery and all of it at prices quite affordable when taken in the context of how much such activities cost in many other wine regions. Swartland (the “black land” as my friend hosting me translated it) was […]
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