South African Wines

David & Nadia’s Grenache 2018… no wait, the Pinotage 2018 please

by  |  02-12-2020

When not drinking locally from Catalunya or for that matter, Spain at large, we’ve been on something of a South African kick lately. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that regions such... more »
Photo by Malu Lambert

From Cape Chianti to hero: Grenache in South Africa

by  |  26-10-2020

“I grew up with Grenache,” shares South African wine legend, Jan Boland Coetzee. His pale blue eyes focused on the verdant Swartland hills from our vantage point on Adi Badenhorst’s porch. The crops and vines... more »

In The Glass: AA Badenhorst – Family Blend Red 2015

by  |  01-06-2020

When interviewing a winemaker in Stellenbosch he told me, “You should head north. That’s where it’s all happening.” By “north” he meant, Swartland, the region around Malmesbury about an hour northeast of Cape Town. This... more »
Resting hound at a Stellenbosch winery

The fall and rise of Pinotage

by  |  12-05-2020 ~ 27 Comments

Members of the wine trade are cursed to forever wander from party to party and set the record straight with regards to Chardonnay. The ‘Anything But Chardonnay’ crowd still walk among us and it must... more »

In the Glass: AA Badenhorst – Secateurs Red Blend 2012

by  |  21-02-2019

I try to live a life as free from regret as possible and overall, I think I do a pretty decent job of keeping my “regret debt” within decent margins. There are however two regrets... more »

Global Local: Jordi Viader i Soler

by  |  17-09-2012

Favorite Wines: Cabernet Franc and Xarel·lo/White Grenache Jordi is one of those winemakers who has seen a lot in his years behind the barrels. Starting in 2004 he's worked in multiple Catalan cellars, New Zealand,... more »

In The Glass: Cape of Good Hope Serruria 2010

by  |  27-07-2012

It was by random chance that I met Jordi Viader i Soler who is one of those traveling enologs that bounces around the world, working on different harvests, but specifically the harvest at La Vinyeta... more »

Tasting around Annandale

by  |  21-03-2012

The Annandale estate, just off the namesake Annadale Road was established in 1688, making it one of the oldest in the Helderberg Valley region. It displays this age wonderfully as large, sweeping willows grace the... more »

Annoucing the release of our Stellenbosch Guide!

by  |  06-02-2012

One of the oldest "New World" regions, wine has been produced in Stellenbosch and Cape Town at large for more than 350 years. We're happy to announce the release of our Stellenbosch guide on Amazon,... more »

Welmoed: Everything collected under one roof

by  |  01-02-2012

Calling themselves the "the company of wine people", Welmoed is one of those wineries that offers pretty much something for everyone with a massive selection. They're not an estate winery, but a co-op and as... more »