Welmoed: Everything collected under one roof

by  |  01-02-2012

Calling themselves the “the company of wine people”, Welmoed is one of those wineries that offers pretty much something for everyone with a massive selection. They’re not an estate winery, but a co-op and as such, they have many levels and brands under one roof. Despite this, they’re still housed in a wine farm that dates back to 1690, halfway between Stellenbosch and the False Bay. From this springs the: Versus which are more simple, cheap wines for young adults, Arniston Bay which are “lifestyle wines” that are easy to drink, Welmoed (meaning, “to have courage”) which are young, single varietals wines that are a good quality and value for money, and last, Kumkani (Xosa word for king or chief) which are their premium, full bodied, aged in barrique wines that are only sold after aging for 4-5 years. The Versus White 2009 is a sweet wine geared to those […]
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