That chilling the red wine thing

by  |  25-07-2019

If this latest heatwave has shown us anything, it’s that there are a few more bends to go before we see the “shade” at the end of the tunnel which signals that another summer has passed. Thinking about the end of summer is of course only a mental exercise to keep one busy while constantly receiving away notices from every email sent and the sweat beads off the forehead due to the office having no AC. This point in the summer is also a time for wine in measured doses and most definitely of a chilled nature. Obviously no one has a problem drinking chilled white wines during summer but I was rather surprised to see that 1/3 of wine drinkers didn’t know you can chill red wine. I mean, if you can deep-fry a Mars bar, then surely logic dictates that you can do the inverse and cool a […]
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