The young Châteauneuf in Domaine la Barroche

by  |  23-12-2014

I initially met Julien Barrot at Vinisud 2014. I came away with a good impression of this young winemaker as well as a bottle sample that was enjoyed with writer and sommelier friends here in Catalonia. In September I was finally able to get away and make a trip up to Châteauneuf-du-Pape to visit a number of these cellars including Domaine la Barroche. Being of a mind that the beginning of September would be incredibly tranquil given that we start harvest in Catalonia at the end of September I didn’t realize that most in Châteauneuf harvest several weeks earlier–yes red harvest in the middle of September. So when I called it happened that Julien and the family were out in the vineyard doing the last work to be done before harvest and his sister Laetitia showed me around the cellar. As a side note, I’ve generally found that despite the […]
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