A judgment in Grenache, Perpignan edition22-05-2019

Taking the TGV from Perpignan in the direction of Spain gives you that brief glimpse of what being a protagonist in a billion-dollar superhero franchise must feel like. There’s this rush as you gain more... more>

Cantine Belisario – La Roccaccia 201524-05-2018

As is often the case, I can’t for the life of me remember where I picked up this bottle of Verdicchio but I can remember why. It was the simple reason that it’s a grape... more>

The 10€ Barolo experience06-03-2017

Barolo. One of the most elegant of Italian wines, this famed, delicate Piedmonte interpretation of the Nebbiolo grape has been treasured for years now. It must be noted that it’s a wine that could takes... more>

Finding ’14 & La Festa de la Verema04-11-2016

Two years back, I wrote an account of the 2014 harvest which is where the photo above was from. It was nasty. What wasn’t desiccated was full of botrytis or then underripe and green. It... more>

Ceretto Barbaresco 2013, it does go boom22-08-2016

If I were to tell you that Nebbiolo was spelled with two b’s, you’d look at me like I was an imbecile as yes, there are indeed two b’s in Nebbiolo. But, if I were... more>

Wrap-up review of, “The Wine Show”25-07-2016

Last week marked the airing of the final episode for “The Wine Show“, a British production that aimed to do something daring: make wine actually approachable and enjoyable on the the small screen. This is... more>

DO Conca de Barberà is not the grape, Barbera09-05-2016

With today’s regional focus being on the Catalan wine region, DO Conca de Barberà, it’s probably a good moment to chat about something that’s very easy to confuse in that this wine region has absolutely... more>

Collemassari – Bolgheri Rosso 201020-12-2015

During a trip to Valpolicella a few months ago, on the last day, we found ourselves having lunch on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in the village of Torri del Benaco. It’s a very... more>