Oddero: A rainbow of vintages, Barolo and beyond

by  |  07-11-2019

Being in London means tasting a great many wines if one is so inclined. While the WSTA trade calendar is simply amazing in its listing of tastings and events, incredibly, not everything that happens is listed in there. This is probably due to Londoners being so spoiled for choice and thus there are a lot of no-shows so smaller events don’t list there, preferring to invite people directly. So, when a friend said, “Oh, you should come to this Barolo tasting!”, I was there in a flash. It turned out that it wasn’t just a couple of random Barolo bottles slapped together but actually a horizontal tasting presented by importer Astrum for Piedmont stalwart, Oddero and led by one of the winery heirs apparent, Pietro. I mention that as when he was introduced as “the owner” he said, “I only own a small white dog. My family however owns one […]
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