The 10€ Barolo experience

by  |  06-03-2017

Barolo. One of the most elegant of Italian wines, this famed, delicate Piedmonte interpretation of the Nebbiolo grape has been treasured for years now. It must be noted that it’s a wine that could takes years to soften up and be drinkable. Others thought they could do it faster, and so fruitier, more direct wines came on the market, much to the chagrin of the traditionalists (see, Barolo Boys). So we arrive to my latest Lidl adventure. For those who may not know it, Lidl was a cheap, bargain grocery store years ago, but has massively redefined itself in recent years to the point where “Italian Week” is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Sure, everything is “own brand” but it’s quite enjoyable own brand and honestly, in the EU, you can’t call it “Grana Padano” unless it actually is. And this is why a bottle of “Barolo” […]
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