Molinari’s, the splendor and disappointment

by  |  12-09-2011

Molinari’s is one of those fine establishments in San Francisco that just keeps on doing what it’s doing without much fanfare in the food scene. I’ve been going there for nearly 15 years now and have found the sandwiches to pretty much be the same, great Italian deli sandwiches that they’ve always been, albeit with very large price increases in recent years. I’m guessing that they’re just cashing in on multiple guidebook listings. Given the fickleness of San Francisco’s “foodie” scene, I can’t say that I blame them. There is however one huge folly in the sandwiches which is what I call, “The Dicko Effect”. Years ago, when first making the trek up there for lunch, I would inevitably always get the worst sandwich-maker in the place whose name I later found out to be Rudy, but for years my fellow employees and I just referred to him as “Dicko” […]
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