We walked in to Biondivino and said, “We need a white wine to go with paella!” Off the top of her head, the owner, Ceri said, “Pigato di Albenga” and as we found out the next day, it was a solid choice.

This white has been grown in the area of Liguria for 2,000+ years and is a wine perfectly paired with seafood, which you find in great abundance in a paella. For those unfamiliar with Liguria, there is just a wee bit of sea there to put it mildly. Naturally, they would probably have it with risotto instead of paella, but the effect is the same.

With 13% alcohol, the wine has a rather mellow nose, complex in flavors, yet simple in overall qualities and light. The real treat comes in the body though which is meaty and thick. This isn’t a light white and can indeed stand up to any kind of oily light meats or of course, seafood. Clean on the finish with just a mild dose of acidity, it’s a perfect companion to a meal.