Celebrating single grape diversity: Grenaches du Monde 2018 & Grenache³

by  |  15-04-2018

Today closes the 6th edition of Grenaches du Monde, an event that, much like Grenache itself has been a roving vagabond, seeing itself set up shop wherever Grenache has made its presence known. While starting up in Roussillon whose CIVR both started it and is still one of the main backers, it has also taken place in Campo de Borja, Spain, Sardinia, Italy, and now Terra Alta, Catalunya. This is of course an interesting change up given that Terra Alta is known for producing White Grenache more than red (well, it’s about half/half) but it provides an interesting talking point given that most people, if familiar with Grenache will know the red version. But, Terra Alta is a region that’s been due a higher recognition for some time now whether it’s the whites or the reds that pulls you in. The full event ran from April 11-15 with various sessions […]
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