2020, the gift that keeps on giving

by  |  11-06-2020

Starting in March it became readily apparent that 2020 was going to be a real slog for wine. When restaurants, bars, and hotels are closed due to a global pandemic, wine doesn’t sell which is a big problem, amongst many big problems. While there’s been a marked ramp up in purchases for home drinking, there’s simply too much wine from 2019 and previous vintages that hasn’t yet been sold. What’s worse is that this wine probably won’t be sold anytime soon as people are starting to cut back on “unnecessary” purchases which, all joking aside, is something wine definitely is. While many other sectors can just stop working and producing (ie a car manufacturer can shut down the production line), there’s no way to press “pause” on vineyards and so we truly have no need for these wines that are about to be created in 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere. […]
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