Apetit, Blue, Brava, & Piquentum

by  |  23-04-2012

After Mr. Bibich’s Friday night pouring, there was another winemaker tasting event at Apetit, on Saturday. I almost didn’t go as I was, well, rather “soft” after Friday night and had missed a number of the talks on Saturday which I had meant to attend such as the Twitter tasting. Thankfully, due to the restorative powers of Jana spring water and Croatian coffee (to be honest, probably mostly the coffee) I managed to make it to this Saturday night tasting. Afterwards, I was very thankful I had. The tasting was from Piquentum’s line of wines and was hosted by Brava Wine along with some additional bottles tossed out by Blue Danube Wine. For those who haven’t yet heard of it, Piquentum, it’s the winery of Dimitri Brečević (the fellow at the right), a French-Croatian winemaker with a wealth of experience in the French wine industry that he’s now applying to […]
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