An update on Dalmatian vintages

by  |  25-04-2011

We had to scramble with Daniel Pedisich to meet up for a tasting of the wines he imports which in addition to our previous tasting in NYC will all go in to the update for Vinologue Dalmatia. NYC is not the easiest place to get a hold of people on a tight timeline as everyone has a lot of things going on. But, the day before we left, Daniel managed to meet us in the Upper East Side in the evening. He had thoughtfully managed to pick up a pile of čevapi from Astoria which made for our third delicious meal of them in this one week trip. We sat out on the balcony going through a great number of the wines in his portfolio on what ended up being a very warm night in NYC’s early attempt at spring. The overall impression we took away is that Croatian winemakers […]
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