Murray Hill Girl Wine

by  |  10-04-2011

We had to get to bed early on our first night in NYC because the next day, we had a tasting for the update to Vinologue Dalmatia with this Croat fellow named Krešo who works for Vinum, an importer of Balkan wines here in the US. The tasting went fine and it was nice to see that most all of these wines coming in to the US from Croatia have increased in their level of quality and consistency. As we got to talking, Krešo let us know that he was part of a release party for a wine he’s helping to market for Van Diemens. The wine itself is from a Slovenian winemaker and imported only for this store. This is a quite genius wine on many levels. For starters, it’s mighty affordable with a red made from Pinot Noir and a white made from Welschriesling/Sauvignon Blanc selling for $12. […]
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