The sweet, irrational fear

by  |  30-10-2012

We came across this article the other day and were dismayed by its opening lines: Who’s afraid of sweet wine? Nearly everyone — except, perhaps, the people who make it. It’s a rather unworldly thing for a New York Times author to state given that dessert wines are quite traditional and popular in many places… which is the reason that they make them. Winemakers have little interest in producing wines that don’t sell after all. Of course, Eric Pfanner is an American and having been born as one, I’m very aware of the American World View. But, it’s also the case that for Americans, the perception of dessert wines (or any sweet wines for that matter) have been severely tarnished. Most teenagers’ initial forays in to the world of drink consist of “wines” that might have been grape-based originally, but are so sugary that the hangover gained from drinking them […]
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