Two wine fairs, one weekend, worlds apart

by  |  12-09-2013

Over the past weekend, we managed to visit not one but two wine fairs. The first (pictured on the right) was the Mostra del Vi de l’Empordà in Figueres, Catalonia which, despite being in its 29th year, still doesn’t have a website and definitely no form of social media. The second (pictured on the left) was the Vignerons des Aspres which was the first of what the winemakers in this sub-region of Languedoc-Roussillon hope will be an yearly event set in the village of Thuir. Despite one being in France, the other in Spain and the foothills of the Pyrenees separating them, their focus was the same: for the winemakers of lesser-known regions to show off their wines to locals and visitors. As the Mostra de l’Empordà is the older of the two, it’s the best to talk about first. Set on La Rambla (yeah, it’s not just a Barcelona […]
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