The inauguration of Celler de les Aus in DO Alella

by  |  25-06-2015

For some time, the people who haunt the “natural” wine circles have been people I wouldn’t care to be in an enclosed space with, even if said space where the size of a football field. This is due to a bounty of reasons that typically distill down to foul body odor or driving me batshit crazy with their proselytizing how “natural” wines are the second coming. This is unfortunate as I strongly believe in nearly all of the tenants of this wine movement but yet I don’t want to be around the most zealous of believers. Of course some of the more “commercial” wineries have had this trajectory for some time which is how we arrive at Alta Alella, in the tiny DO Alella having just inaugurated a new cellar that is focused on producing “natural” wines called Celler de les Aus. This of course may not seem to be […]
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