Sicus, when wine is made in the vineyard

by  |  12-07-2019

Driving forty five minutes covers a lot of ground in the wine world. It affords a 41km view of the entire Côte d’Or in Burgundy. Similarly, it will see you go from the top to the bottom of Catalunya’s DOQ Priorat, although only covering 27km (17km as the crow flies) due to the stomach-churning roads. Napa Valley’s Carneros to Calistoga is also doable in this time frame if you don’t get snarled in 45km of tasting room crawl. Lastly however, 45 minutes will take you from the corner of DO Penedès just next to Barcelona to the other end while seeing your odometer flip 60km in the process. This last bit of driving alacrity is brought to you courtesy of the AP-7 because without the highway, it would take an hour and a half to traverse the massive entirety of DO Penedès on regular roads. Curiously, the southwestern corner opposite […]
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