That rosé time of year

by  |  15-08-2014

Despite the rather sudden change to Fall-like weather here in the middle of August, this would be the traditional time of year in Catalonia to crack open a bottle of fresh rosé wine. In my latest column in Barcelona Metropolitan I take a look at two options that offer up a bit more than the usual glass of the pink stuff. It’s August and it’s hot. If there was ever something less obvious to say about Barcelona, I’ve yet to hear it. That’s why this column is about rosé. I’m generally a red drinker and I can appreciate whites in general, but rosé well, it’s generally a bit fat oof. The idea I hear from most winemakers is that they design it to be a lighter red (as most all rosé wines are made from red grapes) that’s also fresh. I can appreciate this, but in the southern latitudes of […]
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