Alta Alella Privat – Laietà 2011

laietaAwhile back I had written an article about DO Alella needing a “killer wine” and by that I didn’t mean that they needed to have a mind blowing wine produced from the region but more one that was a wine everyone needed to have. My reason for this being that what I had tasted to date from this very small region of eight (yes, eight) wineries about 30 minutes by train from Barcelona was less than notable. While nothing was bad, nothing really impressed me and when that happens I generally don’t spend much more time on a region as there are just so many others to get to.

Then the other day I was sent one of the Cavas from Alta Alella. I’ve tasted their wines in the past and while I prefer the family’s Priorat wines, what came out of Alella was good and reliable. This Cava has changed my perceptions a good deal though. It is one of the more articulate bottles of bubbly that I’ve encountered in some time and despite only being a three years old, it holds a wonderful level of depth to it.

Part of this may be due to it being made from fully certified organic grapes or just the overall air it gives when you slide it out of the classy tube it comes in and are greeted by a Cava bottle unlike any other you’ve seen before. Whatever the case may be, it’s a highly recommendable option for your forthcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations (in addition to others.)

Laietà 2011
Light lime peel and fresh cream to the nose as well as minerality and fresh peach skin. Light in the body carrying good acidity and a touch of raspberry with an elegant, lingering finish.

Xarel·lo, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir 12% 19€