Alta Alella – Mirgin Opus Evolutium 2013

by  |  19-05-2017

At the age of 19 I was in awe when staring at a pair of bright yellow soccer cleats in a shop until I realized that I would need skills on the field far beyond my current, “Um, why don’t you just play defense” in order to pull off such a flashy set of kicks. And one needs to take this in to account when looking at the Cava bottles of Alta Alella with their very signature, long, fluted shape. If you’re going to try and pull that off, does the bubbly inside warrant it? In brief, yes. Earlier this year, Alta Alella decided to sell off the “Privat” label to Castell de Perelada in DO Empordà. If you’re wondering how a cellar from DO Empordà is making Cava from wines produced by a cellar in DO Alella which are both nowhere near Penedès (which forms the heart of Cava […]
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