Cava, for that bubbly time of year

by  |  08-12-2015

This is an expanded version of my monthly column for Barcelona Metropolitan For those who love sparkling wines, this is a great time of year. However, the festive season can be a minefield of lesser bubblies just waiting to hurt your body, soul, and potentially, friendships. In Catalunya, there is no reason to reach for the Champagne shelf, as we have a more than ample supply of our own bubbly in the form of Cava. Maybe you’ve been burned by a cheap Cava at some point as there are many, many bad Cavas out there. I can easily attest to this as I just had one of the Loxarel lower-end wines that’s usually about 15€. It was lackluster, blunt, and generally uninteresting and if that doesn’t sound like a good time, it wasn’t. If however you can divorce yourself from the giddiness at seeing a bubbly on the shelf for […]
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