Sweetness: Alta Alella – Blanc de Neu 2016 & Mataró 2015

by  |  23-01-2019

Dessert wines are decidedly not sexy in this day and age. A right pity that is given they definitely have their place in a meal to cleanse and close the palate at the end and leave a melodic note singing on the tongue as one leaves the table. Personally, I had little use for them myself but that was more due to those produced in the US, and especially California, being these cloyingly-sweet syrups with no acidity, balance, nor poise. Chardonnay does not make a fine dessert wine, at least not in California. Upon arriving to Spain that all changed through my being introduced to the dessert wines of DO Empordà where they work with Muscat for the whites and Grenache for the reds. You’ll find it no bit of unshocking that just across the hills in Roussillon, they do much the same although the sweet Grenaches of Banyuls and […]
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