In The Glass: Bibich – Bas de Bas 2013

by  |  25-11-2017

When in Split, Croatia in 2015 to do a presentation at Dalmacija Expo, I spent a few rewarding nights bopping around the city–something I’ve rarely done in lieu of mainly hanging out in the now... more »

The Lasina of Bibich & Sladić

by  |  11-11-2015

Hop around the Balkans for even a short time and you get to make friends with a lot of new grapes. While those in the know have possibly heard of Plavac Mali or that Zinfandel... more »

Alen Bibich, first great wine, then hospitality

by  |  19-04-2012

For those visiting the Dalmatian Coast, you will often hear the term “Balkan Hospitality” bandied about. Once seeing the Jägermeister shot tents, expensive hotels, and the menus at restaurants printed in all languages except that... more »

Vina Bibich: The wines of Bibich

by  |  19-10-2011

With a recent visit from Anthony Bourdain & No Reservations, Bibich is a name (not to be confused with Babić or Babich) that is getting the attention it deserves. Oddly though, the wines that winemaker... more »

The Bibich 2004 Sangreal Merlot

by  |  06-07-2011

Obviously, Merlot has had a bad name as of late, no thanks in part to the quintessential line in Sideways: No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot! To... more »

Taste the R5 Riserva while you can

by  |  10-06-2011

This small-production white (only 300 cases) is by one of our favorite Croatian wineries: Bibich in Skradin. The 2008 R5 Riserva is a curious wine. Overall, when chilled to the recommended 12-15C it is very... more »