A wine medley from Portugal

by  |  02-06-2023

It’s time to have a new look at wines available from Portugal Vineyards, one of the most complete shops to buy Portuguese wines online. * If interested, you can read the first installment as well... more »

The Vinha Centenária of Quinta Nova

by  |  29-04-2022

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Douro Valley more in recent years, especially in following the evolution of Quinta Nova. A producer of both fine dry wines as well as Ports, it was through a... more »

A Portugal Vineyards selection II

by  |  18-01-2022

If you’re like me (and if you’re reading this, you probably are), then you can’t get enough Portuguese wine in your life. Give that, I present you with Round II of this select tasting from... more »

A Portugal Vineyards selection

by  |  08-11-2021

A constant topic of conversation in the household is about the wines we’re not drinking. Spanish, French, and Italian usually have very solid representation but outside of those we’re often lacking in other countries we’d... more »

A hop across the Douro: Quinta de Tourais

by  |  02-03-2020

When heading to the Douro Valley for The New Douro tasting last year, I came across a little hotel called, Original Douro Hotel in Peso da Régua. It was a touch more expensive than some... more »

Taking a look at Douro 2017 reds and 2018 whites

by  |  28-11-2019

At the beginning of June I headed due west until there was no more west which is of course a fancy way to say I hopped across Iberia to Porto, Portugal. I took one of... more »

A bit of the pre-Douro: Niepoort – Diálogo Tinto 2015

by  |  03-06-2019

Today I find myself freshly arrived in the Douro Valley, apparently slipping in on the end of a mini heatwave. The last time I came here, I ended up driving through rampant forest fires. This... more »

Up the Douro & Quinta Nova

by  |  16-01-2018

My mother’s family is of Portuguese descent and to honor this many years ago we opened a bottle of Vintage Port that my grandfather had brought back from Porto. The build up was intense and... more »
Photos via Wines of Portugal

A smattering of Portuguese wines

by  |  24-04-2017

All my British acquaintances seem to possess an uncanny ability to deride something in its entirety using one sentence or less. A former work colleague summed up Portugal as, “That shitty little scrap of land... more »

Portuguese wines at full speed

by  |  25-04-2014

Carlos Álvarez is a sommelier in Barcelona that we kept bumping in to over various tastings until one day we said, “Didn’t we see you at the last 20 events we were all at?” From... more »