Tomas Cusiné goes small

by  |  09-06-2021

While Costers del Segre may be one of Catalunya’s most unknown Denominations of Origin (DOs), one of the most active and driven producers within it is, Tomàs Cusiné located in the village of Vilosell, in... more »

Tasting Costers del Segre, of altitude

by  |  28-12-2020

For any wine drinker living outside Spain, or really outside of Catalunya even, DO Costers del Segre will be a bit of an unknown. Deep in the interior and fully contained with the province of... more »

Carignan abounds, Tomas Cusiné – Finca Barqueres 2016

by  |  14-11-2018

Sometime back, a group of enologists in Catalunya called, “10 Sentits” (10 senses) made a Grenache-based wine called “Cat Negre” that was culled from all 10 DOs of Catalunya (they nixed DO Cava as it’s... more »

Wines to see the summer out

by  |  17-08-2018

The second half of August in Spain forms a downhill sprint to September/reality. Everyone is tanned, well swam and well, kinda “over” the whole beach thing at this point. Many just want to chill, usually... more »

In The Glass: Tomàs Cusiné – Finca Racons 2016

by  |  11-06-2018

Given the new look of DO Costers del Segre, it seems a fitting moment to have a taste of a new release from the region. In this case we’re talking about Finca Racons from Tomàs... more »

DO Costers del Segre gets a much-needed new look

by  |  20-05-2018

If you don’t live in Catalunya and haven’t heard of DO Costers del Segre, you’re very much excused. Actually, even if you do live in Catalunya and haven’t heard of it, I’d be hard pressed... more »

In The Glass: Tomàs Cusiné – Finca Comabarra 2012

by  |  08-07-2017

I was quite excited to taste this wine as previous experience with Tomàs Cusiné wines as seen in the “Mineral” made in a negociant fashion down in DO Montsant or then the “Cara Nord” white... more »

In The Glass: Celler Cérvoles – Garnatxa de Cérvoles 2015

by  |  18-04-2017

Every time I’ve visited Mas Blanch i Jové for some event or another (they do many that are great), I’ve seen the Cérvoles Celler and always think, “Dammit, still need to visit there.” For some... more »

The best of Catalan white wines

by  |  07-02-2017

Last fall, I received a commission from Decanter to do a report on the white wines of Catalonia for the March issue of a publication in the UK. You of course may be asking yourself,... more »

Castell del Remei’s Oda Time

by  |  08-12-2016

I recently received some new wines from Castell del Remei. If you’ll recall (although I’d be thoroughly amazed if you did), I reviewed their younger wines a few months back. The Oda white and red... more »