Carignan abounds, Tomas Cusiné – Finca Barqueres 2016

by  |  14-11-2018

Sometime back, a group of enologists in Catalunya called, “10 Sentits” (10 senses) made a Grenache-based wine called “Cat Negre” that was culled from all 10 DOs of Catalunya (they nixed DO Cava as it’s essentially the same as DO Penedès and DO Catalunya as it’s the whole territory) which was surprising as it showed that the Grenache grape exists pretty much everywhere. Much as was my perception with Grenache, I was under the impression that Carignan existed only in a few places, namely the DOs of Empordà, Priorat, and Montsant. I was re-educated a bit when I found out last year that while there isn’t much, there are a few vineyards in DO Terra Alta with some old vines as well. And now, the re-education continues as it appears some old vineyards exist up in Costers del Segre as well which is where this “Finca Barqueres” from Tomas Cusiné […]
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